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Moving Richmond Forward

The Book Van Campaign


We've launched an exciting campaign to purchase a book van for the Library. New "wheels" will mean new opportunities for thousands of students and homebound residents now on waiting lists for bookmobile services.

Learn about the Book Van Campaign



The Richmond Public Library Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that the opportunities that come with learning continue to grow in Richmond, even through times of economic uncertainty. Beginning with its establishment as a California nonprofit corporation in 2004, the RPLF has been steadily working to fulfill that mission. More...

Every donation to the RPLF is an investment in the future of our community, its people and its businesses.

We encourage you to make a donation.

Book Van Campaign
Brings the Library to places the Bookmobile can't reach.
Learn more. It's likely that someone you know is already on board.

Richmond, yes!
The long-range plan that supports construction of a new Library and home for the Richmond Museum at the Civic Center. Learn more. there are several financial institutions those are supporting that moment . Though is being provided from installment lending website - at quite a fast rate with 0% interest for a good cause but we still need people those can support our moment and help us to meet our targets of funds

Unrestricted gift
This form of donation gives the Foundation flexibility in how your contribution may be used. Planned giving may fit well within your own philanthropic goals.

Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions.




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